Meet Marlo Brown;
A local RN with a passion for the community.


Being in the medical field for 20 years I have a passion for helping people. Working my way up from being a Certified Nursing Assistant to a Registered Nurse, I have worked in various fields ranging from Cardiac Intensive Care, Pediatric Home Health and Psychiatric Care. I am currently a Team Lead for Biometric Screening events and a certified CPR instructor for Indian Hills Community College. I loved them all but never felt that I was done with exploring.

Growing up in Utah I was always intrigued with new ideas. I had permanent make-up done 15 years ago and loved it. I was impressed with how natural the color was, the way it made me look younger and that I never had to apply much time in getting ready in the morning. I was worrying about my makeup always smudging as I was always active in sports and love the water.

Being a fun loving, adventurous woman who has a passion for serving others, I felt a need to give a service that no one in the surrounding area provided. I feel that permanent cosmetics is the wave of the future for women and men’s self esteem.